What clients are saying ...

“Margaret was a joy to work with. She approaches editing as a collaboration, and her critical lens and candor improved my book markedly. Together we navigated complex issues and fuzzy boundaries with care and thoughtfulness. I deeply appreciated her willingness to question conventions and develop our own. Thanks again, Margaret!"

—Assistant Professor, James Madison University

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“I receive my work in a form that is greatly improved over the original. MargaretEdits is careful not to change the sense of what has been written. My work comes back not only grammatically correct but also evaluated for the aspects of academic writing: clarity of argument, organization, coherence, etc. MargaretEdits turns work around quickly and professionally. My reader reports often mention how clean my submitted work is and that has helped me to land contracts. These are smart eyes (Margaret has a PhD in History) cast upon my drafts, and I am infinitely grateful.

—Associate Professor of History, Whitman College

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“After working with Margaret on the index for my first book (Surviving Slavery in the British Caribbean), I can’t imagine letting anyone else do my next index. Margaret was very easy to work with, communicating with me regularly to ask for clarification and making smart suggestions for everything from organization of entries and subentries to rephrasing several entries themselves. And while she worked quickly, even as the index became more complicated because of the number of entries I wanted, I never felt that she was rushing or taking shortcuts. To the contrary, she read my manuscript with great care and precision and the index she created is an excellent guide to the book. She also explained her rationale for the decisions she made while always deferring to my preferences. In the end, I felt like my work was in very capable hands and I’m very happy with the index. I’ve enthusiastically recommend Margaret to colleagues and will continue to do so."

—Assistant Professor of History, Xavier University

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“When work on my manuscript stalled, a colleague referred me to MargaretEdits for developmental editing. This allowed me to get the project back on track and produce a more coherent narrative with a well-defined argument. MargaretEdits offered careful revisions without changing the content or tone, which greatly improved the final product."

—Public Historian

Margaret has been an outstanding dissertation coach. I reached out to her when I felt like I was drowning in the combined demands of my teaching workload, a stalled dissertation, and busy home life in which I was the primary caregiver for my toddler. After our first meeting, I had a clear and realistic writing plan to manage my dissertation amidst my teaching and childcare schedules and the accountability necessary to make progress on a daily and weekly basis. With Margaret, you will find that her advice and approach to coaching are sensible and constructive. She provided numerous tools and tips that addressed a range, depending on my shifting needs including drafting and revising to navigating the difficulties of the committee dynamics and soliciting/responding to feedback. Also, I always had a listening and supportive ear for my frustrations and fears, and she celebrated with me every "victory" along the way, no matter how small. It made all the difference knowing I had a "safe" outlet and resource completely separate from my program. The ultimate goal was to finish my dissertation and defend in time after a long journey (which I did!), but I also walked away with an established writing routine I can confidently maintain. It is sincerely a pleasure to work with Margaret, and I highly recommend her as a dissertation coach.

—Visiting lecturer, University of Pittsburgh

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“Margaret began by offering choices about how much we would like to interact as she worked or leave the index to her good judgment. Choosing a more interactive approach, we appreciated the thought behind the questions she asked to clarify meaning and intent. I understand now that indexing is really a kind of epistemological inquiry: what is the structure of the knowledge communicated in this book? Because Margaret took pains to understand the book, not just catalog it, we are very happy with the final index."

—Senior Research Associate, University of Colorado Boulder

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“Margaret of MargaretEdits was a quick, efficient, eagle-eyed editor and a pleasure to work with. My book will have many, many fewer errors than it would have without her professional assistance. Though my publisher paid for the first round of her work on my manuscript, I myself paid her to look over the page proofs and would encourage other authors to do so too. I highly recommend her services!”

—Associate Professor of Art History, Southern Methodist University

“Thanks to Margaret’s careful editing and her sound knowledge of food history, my last book manuscript improved significantly. During the eight months we worked together on the text, I appreciated the most that her questions and comments identified weak points in my argumentation. In addition, she was very efficient in detecting inaccurate expressions and other wording problems, which was important for me as a non-native speaker. During the whole revision, Margaret made helpful suggestions on how to improve the text but always double-checked that the changes did not affect its original meaning. Finally, she was very precise in revising the footnotes and the bibliography. It is a pleasure to work with Margaret and I highly recommend her services.

—Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) Ambizione Fellow, Department of History, Bern University

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“Margaret Puskar-Pasewicz has been outstanding from the beginning when editing my 100.000 words manuscript on Zurich education in the sixteenth century for an academic publisher. She provided thorough footnote and bibliographical editing, and read through my text with unceasing attention for details. As a non-native speaker, I was especially grateful for the many times, when she discussed meanings and formulations of my sentences in her comments. She suggested alterations, where formulations had become too dense and obtuse. Margaret was always available during and after the editing process. She was on time with her work, patient and caring with her client.

—Visiting Fellow, Harvard University

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“During my two years at the University of Tennessee Press, I had the pleasure of hiring Margaret for a number of copyediting projects, and she became our “go to” editor for archaeology and anthropology manuscripts. She always meets deadlines, has a keen eye, and is an excellent wordsmith. She knows when to intervene in a text and, more importantly, when not to. In short, I’ll miss working with her. Any university press in need of a copyeditor would be smart to hire her.

—Technical Writer & Editor, Knoxville, TN