Copyediting to meet your needs
Creating a
comprehensive index
Coaching for academic writers
A consistent and comprehensive index can significantly enhance the quality of your project. Unlike editing software that merely looks for word repetition, I will carefully read your text and identify the most important terms. I also provide useful & detailed cross-referencing.
I have worked with academic writers for over a decade on how to improve the quality and productivity of their writing. Whether you're having trouble getting started or finishing up, your academic writing can benefit from professional coaching.
I'll work with you to provide the type of editing that best fits your scholarly project. In addition to basic copyediting, I can also provide detailed feedback regarding issues such as voice, flow, and clarity. The goal is to create a clean, clear document that demonstrates your best academic writing.

• Book manuscripts & chapters
• Journal articles
• Dissertations
• Grants

• Book manuscripts
• Reports
• Reference works
• Writing strategies
• Accountability
• Constructive criticism
editing, indexing, & coaching services for academic writers
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